Private Party

Our talented team will come to your private event and make it unforgettable for your child. Our unique theater is able to perform in almost any location and for many types of events. Click on the tabs below for more information.
Birthday party at the park
Puppet show at the park

If you are planning your special event in an outside venue, we would be happy to join you in the fresh air. Each year we perform several events in various parks, courtyards, backyards and other outside venues. All we would need is an available power source (ie, an outlet) and children that are ready to have fun!

***Though we will do everything in our power to ensure the performance is perfect, we, unfortunately, cannot control mother nature. Factors such as wind, rain, random outside noise and other natural events may affect the quality of the show. Please take this into consideration when planning your event.

Birthday party puppet show
Puppet show and kids entertainment

Are you planning a party in the comfort of your own home? What could be more perfect than having a professional puppet theater come to you?! Our team will come to celebrate your wonderful event and will leave the children with a lifetime of memories. All we need to make this possible is a power source (ie.,outlet) and a space for our stage (refer to FAQ below for stage dimensions).

Puppet Show at daycare
Puppet workshop at daycare

Planning a birthday celebration or other event at your child's school or daycare? Great! What goes better with cupcakes than a professional puppet theater performing for your child and their friends! With this type of celebration everyone leaves happy! Your house stays clean, the teacher gets a break and all of the children have a blast! Since our shows are both educational and fun, this has become one of our most popular options! All we need to make this possible is a power source (ie.,outlet) and a space for our stage (refer to FAQ below for stage dimensions).

Puppet Show at Banquet room
Puppet Show at Playground

If you are planning your event at another venue, we can perform there too! We have performed in venues such as restaurants, play centers, libraries, clubhouses, recreation centers and other event spaces. We would be more than happy to accommodate you at the venue of your choice. All we need to make this possible is a power source (ie.,outlet) and a space for our stage (refer to FAQ below for stage dimensions).

***Restrictions may apply. Please consult with your chosen venue regarding any possible restrictions.


Q: How much do you cost?
A: We are glad you asked! Prices vary depending on event. Please call or e-mail us for a quote.

Q: How long does the whole thing take?
A: We will come to your venue about 45 minutes before showtime in order to set up the stage, sound, lights, etc...The fairy tales themselves are all different in lengths, but range from about 25-45 minutes. After the show we will do a puppetry workshop. Overall, the performance and workshop time takes about an hour. Then we pack up and leave.

Q: My room isn't very big. Do you need a lot of space?
A: Our theater will fit most spaces. We have performed in small preschools as well as large halls. Our stage size is 8 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

Q: Do you need a power source?
A: Yes. We will need an outlet.

Q: What is included in my order?
A: A puppet show of your choice, a fun dance and a puppetry workshop. If this is a child's birthday, the child will receive a small gift and the puppets will join everyone in singing happy birthday!

Q: Do adults have to be present during the show?
A: Yes. For the safety of the children we ask that at least one adult is present during the show because we are unable to see what is happening in the front.