Puppet Show Peter Pan

This fantastic story is about the innocence of a child's imagination and the bonds of friendship. Your child will be able to experience laughter and let their imagination run free during this interactive performance! They will be able to decide if they want to help Captain Hook take over Neverland or help Peter Pan defeat him and save his friends! This action packed adventure will have your child on the edge of their seats the entire time!
Peter Pan first appeared in a section of The Little White Bird, a 1902 novel written by Barrie for adults. The play was adapted and expanded somewhat as a novel, published in 1911 as Peter and Wendy (later as Peter Pan and Wendy, and still later as Peter Pan). An adaptation of the story is presented by Puppet Theater on Wheels in LA, Orange County.
  • Country: England
  • Author: James Matthew Barrie
  • Date Published: 1902
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