Puppet Show My First Fairytales

What could a golden egg, a talking bread roll and a giant turnip have in common? They all have starring rolls in some of Eastern Europe's most famous toddler fairy tales. My First Fairy Tales is our unique combination of these three tales into one adventure packed story. Follow our Kolobok (bread roll) as he rolls through the forest meeting all kinds of creatures, watch to see what happens to a golden egg and help grandpa pull out the giant turnip!
The Kolobok, (traditional Russian and Ukrainian pie/ small bread), suddenly becomes animated and escapes from grandmother and grandfather. Chicken Ryaba lays a golden egg instead of a real egg. "The Giant Turnip" is a children's fairy tale of Russian or Slavic origin. It was first published in 1863 in the collection Russian Folk Tales, edited and published by Aleksandr Afanas'ev. These three fairy tales are the first ones that little ones learn in the Russian and Ukrainian cultures. You can enjoy the original Russian version or an English adaptation of all three combined into one, exclusively, by Puppet Theater on Wheels in Los Angeles.
  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Russian Folk Tales
  • Date Published: 1863
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