Puppet Show Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This is another timeless classic that will have your child laughing! What could possibly go wrong when you go into somebody's house uninvited, eat all of their porridge and sleep in their beds? Well this is just the fairy tale that can answer your question! Goldilocks and your child will learn some very valuable lessons about manners, asking permission and friendships.
A fairy tale first recorded in narrative form by British author and poet Robert Southey, and first published anonymously in a volume of his writings in 1837. The story experienced two significant changes during its early publication history. Southey's intrusive old woman became an intrusive little girl in 1849, who was given various names referring to her hair until Goldilocks was settled upon in the early 20th century. And the three bachelor bears evolved into Father, Mother, and Baby Bear over the course of several years. The Los Angeles puppet theater company, "Puppet Theater on Wheels," presents a classic yet modern version of the story.
  • Country: England
  • Author: Robert Southey
  • Date Published: 1837
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